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May you never need towing service, but if you do we are happy to help you 24 hours a day. We know your vehicle breaking down on the roadside can be a very stressful experiences. We will do our best to ensure you are taking care of quickly and effectively. Towing a vehicle after an accident or luxury vehicle or heavy duty machine can also cause quite a bit of anxiety.  We’ll do our best to help you have peace of mind there, too. When you call Albuquerque Towing Service, you can expect professional service at the best prices possible.


Affordable Towing Prices

One way we can help give you peace of mind is to offer you affordable rates on towing service.  The last thing you want to be worried about is the cost of roadside service or having a vehicle towed.

That’s why we always offer very competitive prices for the services we offer.  We need to make a living, but we strive to give much more value than we receive.

Services We Offer

We are a full-service towing service company.  From car towing, to heavy duty towing, to jump starting batteries, if you can think of a way a tow truck and a trained driver could help you, we can probably do it.  Below you’ll find an overview the most common ways we can help you.

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Roadside Assistance

You never know what can happen on the highway, and it can be scary if you have to pull over with a car that is not working properly for one reason or another.  We can help make the experience less stressful.

We offer the following emergency roadside assistance services:

  • Engine Breakdown Assistance
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Dead Battery Jumpstarts
  • Gas Refill Assistance
  • Vehicle Lockout Service


Accident Vehicle Recovery

If you’ve been in an accident, we’re sorry you’ve had to experience that and we hope you’re okay.

If you’re now in the process of selecting a towing service to transport your damaged vehicle, we’d be happy to help.


Abandoned Vehicles

No one likes to see an abandoned and/or broken-down vehicle on a property.
If you’d like us to remove one for you, we’ll be happy to help.


Illegally Parked Vehicles

If you have a vehicle that is parked illegally on your property, it can be an urgent yet sensitive matter.   You know that the vehicle has to be removed, but you also don’t want to anger the owner.

We’ll make sure that any vehicle that is illegally parked is properly towed in a manner that adheres to rigorous guidelines for this work.


Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Do you have a classic car, an exotic car, or prized piece of equipment that you need moved as carefully as possible?  We’ll gladly help you feel at ease by transporting your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck that is designed to keep your vehicle safe and sound.

Also, if you have a vehicle that is so badly damaged that it cannot be towed with other types of trucks, this service will certainly be useful.



Why Choose Us?

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To put it most simply, in addition to our affordable prices, we think you should choose us because we'll do our best to make you happy.  We are one of those rare towing companies that genuinely cares about our customers.

We strive to be friendly when you call and listen intently to understand what you need.

We know that the longer you wait, the less happy you’ll be, so we work hard to get a tow truck out to you as quickly as we can, even if that means referring you to another towing company.

We strive to give you all the options available to you when deciding how to proceed with your car, even if it means we make less money.  We’re not going to recommend needless repairs or other services.

We like to make our customers happy not just because it’s a good way to run a business.  More importantly, it’s the right thing to do, and makes it fun to come to work.  We feel a lot better at the end of the day if we put a smile on the face of each of our customers. Dont just take our word for it but ask our friends at Unlimited Towing an awesome towing service Killeen.



Helping You Understand the World of Towing

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We understand that you may research other tow truck companies before making a decision on which company you'll choose.

We'd like to be helpful with your search if we can.

Below, we've included a brief introduction to the world of towing to familiarize you with some of the industry terminology.

Types of Tow Trucks


You will almost certainly run into the term "wrecker service" if you search for other companies.  As ominous as it sounds, "wrecker" is just another general word for a standard tow truck.


Any truck that has an a-frame, telescopic, or other type boom fits in this category.  Booms are very helpful if a car is not easily accessible, like when a car ends up in a ditch.

Wheel Lift

A truck that uses a yoke to cradle the wheels of the chassis of a vehicle and lift one end of the vehicle off of the ground fits in this category.  Generally speaking, medium and heavy trucks lift the chassis of the vehicles they tow instead of the wheels.

Integrated  (also known as a "Repo Truck" or a "Self Loader")

This is probably the most common image people have in mind when they think of a tow truck.  Integrated trucks combine boom and wheel lift, usually as part of apparatus that can be controlled from inside the truck.


This type of truck has a bed that can be tilted up and down so that a vehicle can loaded on to the bed, either being pulled up with a winch or driving up under its own power.  Flatbeds are used to haul vehicles that owners want to keep as safe as possible.  They are also used to move severely damaged vehicles from the scene of an accident.




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